Oct 9, 2013

A surprise? Por moi?

Chuck Keller
4:09 PM (1 hour ago)

to bffockebooyea2112meCaseyemilyfsmartKenKentMatt
You are invited to a Surprise Party. (The surprise will be evident.)
October 19th
Sis' in Newport
8:00ish - 12:00
We will have some light hors d'oeuvres and cake
Two bands - Barney and the Howlers and Josh McIntosh (former student)

 You can purchase dinners and bar.

Hope you can make it.

Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams at gmail.com>
5:35 PM (0 minutes ag

to Chuckbffockebooyea2112CaseyemilyfsmartKenKentMatt
I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!!! And am so happy that you planned this for me! I am TOTALLY surprised that you went to this effort since I haven't met any of you previously.

Here are food items that I enjoy and to keep in mind when the hors d'oeuvres (nice work spelling that correctly, btw):
 - Eggplant
 - Cheese (pasteurized, after all I'm knocked up)
 - Anything with sauce - I love sauces

And for dessert - chocolate anything... or lemon meringue pie. The baby does seem to like chocolate - my beverage of choice the last few weeks has been hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.

The bands sound great too! As long as it's not hard metal. 

Thanks so much for planning, guys!!

Casey (Williams) Fitzsimmons
Boston, MA

PS. I think you have the wrong Casey Williams. PUnless you really do mean to surprise me, in which case this totally worked! 
PPS. It looks like you tried to email Tcaseywilliams@gmail but clearly something is awry in your Outlook.

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