Nov 7, 2013

Jewelry? Por Moi?

Andrew Moquin <>
5:27 PM

to me
Attached are the drawings for your new ring, please let Gina know if there are any questions.  Once I get your approval I will proceed with the prototyping.
Andy MoquinAndrews Jewelers

Casey Fitzsimmons <casey willia m s at gmail>

to Andrew
Hi Andrew,

Wow. I had no idea I was getting a new ring!!!!! This is a little different that I might have designed - I do like modern designs like this, but prefer different color stones. Also I love art deco style, which I know is so cliche but what can I say, I'm a woman of the times.

Or maybe this is a gift for me from some unknown benefactor? 'Cause I don't think my husband would go to you for jewelry - no offense meant, but he has "his jeweler" in downtown Boston to whom he's loyal.

My guess is that it's for another Casey Williams, to give to a lucky lady. Or maybe for herself. But it is almost that magical time of year... CHRISTMAS! Most popular time of year for engagements!

Either way, good luck tracking down the right Casey Williams. Please let him/her know that they need to do a better job writing down their email address. And ask them if they're supposed to take a DOD Cyber Awareness Class - I got an email yesterday about that.


Casey (Williams) Fitzsimmons
Boston, MA

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