Dec 11, 2013

SodaStream or CO2 machine?

Joe Balbas <>
11:50 AM

to me

Joe Balbas | Territory Sales Manager - Knoxville |
NuCO2 ® |  | 24/7 Customer Service 800-472-2855

From: Joe Balbas
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:35 AM
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Hi Casey, my name is Joe Balbas, Territory Sales Manager with NuCo2. I oversee the area where you guys are putting in a new restaurant soon in Sylva, NC. I work closely with your Sysco Rep, Glen Golcher who gave me your email address. If you have not already chosen a provider for your CO2 needs, I hope that you will consider using us. What is your time frame for opening?

Joe Balbas | Territory Sales Manager - Knoxville |
NuCO2 ® |  | 24/7 Customer Service 800-472-2855

Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams>
1:16 PM

to Joe
Hi Joe
I don't have any CO2 needs, though I am thinking about investing in a SodaStream. My husband and i probably drink 2-3 cans of soda water a day, especially now that I'm pregnant and we both drink less alcohol. There's just something about those bubbles that makes it more delicious than plain water! Do you think they're worth the investment and constant cartridge refill?

Do you also deal in Helium? I heard a few weeks ago that there was a helium shortage, so demand must be higher. I personally don't need any helium right now (but think the shortage is interesting), especially since we're about to have a kid. #1 thing choked on - latex balloons. Yup. Babies are kind of like dogs - they learn by putting things in their mouths.

Ha, I'm going to be a great parent - I compare my kid to the dog! Then again, I do treat the dog pretty well... and love him a lot...

Anyway - let me know on the SodaStream opinion.


Casey [Williams] Fitzsimmons
Boston, MA

PS. As you may have guessed, I don't run a restaurant... though my husband will be opening a franchise next year post-initial-baby. Hm, maybe this mis-directed email was a happy coincidence!

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