Sep 7, 2014

Casey k Williams, Lansing, MI - I don't want your twin bed

8:23 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
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Order #108-1496326-0937834
Placed on Sunday, September 7, 2014

Twin / Full Slatless Flexing Hook-On Bed Rail Set with One 2-Leg Cross Support 
Sold by Homeplace Group
Condition: New
Item Subtotal:$97.67
Shipping & Handling:$23.89
Total Before Tax:$121.56
Order Total:$121.56

Casey Fitzsimmons

10:06 PM (0 minutes ago)
to caseykwilliams
You might want to check what email address you're sending your shit to. I graduated from a twin bed nearly 11 years ago, and that was about 3 years later than it should have been. My kid is only 8 months, so he doesn't need this yet either.

or maybe it's an entirely different casey k williams, in which case, I am sorry. I really need to change my email address... it's just hard to undo 10 years with the same one! I just can't take all of these stupid misdirected emails. And yes, there are WAY MORE Casey Williamses than you think out there. WAY more. 


a former casey williams

PS. $121 seems like a lot for a metal frame. Couldn't you Craig's list that shit? However I like that you don't have to have the stupid wheels on the end.

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