Sep 23, 2014

5751 La Vista Ct #B - Rental - No Thanks but Maybe?

Ryder Meehan

11:27 PM

to me
Hello and thanks for stopping by the apartment earlier, it really is a great location and space.

Please complete the online application here: (click "Apply Online")

By submitting your application you also agree to a basic background and credit check.

Also, please let me know if you have a pet ($200 pet deposit required) and type - dog/cat and approximate weight.

Thank you very much and let me know if you have any questions.


Casey Fitzsimmons caseywilliams>

to Ryder
Hello and I don't recall seeing an apartment yesterday.

I haven't completed the application.

I don't agree to a basic background and credit check.

I do have a pet; $200 seems reasonable. He is a yellow mutt, 60 lbs. 

You're welcome and my question is: Are you sure you have the right Casey Williams?



PS. Does #B mean Basement? Nice and cool in the summers, but unless it's the bargain of a century, I wouldn't rent a true basement unit. My bedroom was in a basement growing up (had full windows), but it was mildewy and spidery. Ew!

PPS. Upon Googling the address, I may be reconsidering my refusal. That place looks awesome. AND it's just $675 a month!!! Deal of a century! Though I would need at least 1 more, ideally 2 more, bedrooms.

Ryder Meehan

to me
Hahahaha, oh my - you don't sound like you are interested much at all.  Fortunately #B is not in the basement - although #A is in the attic.

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