Oct 10, 2014

CaseyWilliams83@gmail.com thinks I'm nasty!

Instagram no-reply@mail.instagram.com

4:51 PM 

to me
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Casey Fitzsimmons caseywilliams at gmail

5:00 PM

to CaseyWilliams83@gmail.com
Sigh. ONE day perhaps you will learn to correctly write your email address. ONE DAY.
Unless this CaseyWilliams83@gmail is different than the one who tried to create an instagram account. In that case, I'm sorry I'm now spamming you.


7:06 PM 
to me
What the fuck?! 

Who the fuck are you to be blasting out random accusatory emails? Update your email address Fitzshithead if it's such a problem. Do something better with your life, you nasty b*tch [edited]

Casey Fitzsimmons caseywilliams at gmail

Attachments10:03 PM (11 hours ago)
to CaseyWilliams83@gmail.com
Wow, you called it! I nasty. So nasty that I'm taking back the Sorry from my first email. Oh man, take THAT! I am so awful!

Here's a puppy photo to make you feel better about my nastiness. No one can hate a puppy.

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