Nov 4, 2014

Why real stones, Ix/Ux? [Updated]

Uli Pflanz

5:41 AM

to me
Hi Casey,

James is still waiting to hear back from TBN. I have the strong feeling that we will still be there carrying the real stones up...


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Uli Pflanz

6:43 AM

to me
We heard back from TBN and the stones could be delivered any time till 9pm. But the earlier, the better as we might still be there and Luke wants to see the stones. Let me know how it goes. Texting is also very good: 07704 25 66 42


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Casey Fitzsimmons caseywilliams

to Ulime
Hi Ix/Ux,

I am so confused.

Why do we need real stones and not paper mache stones? Or fiberglass? Anything lighter than true granite. 

Unless these are pebbles! I could handle pebbles. Or even a small amount of gravel.

Also, do you go by Ix or Ux? Or are there two of you? That would be good news, because that means there would be at least three of us carrying the stones of undetermined size. This Luke sounds like he is not going to help.

Let me know on the stone size front, and what name you prefer.

Casey [Williams] Fitzsimmons

PS. Texting is definitely a better option, because you're more likely to reach the Casey Williams who is actually willing to carry the real stones.

Uli Pflanz

9:42 AM (32 minutes ago)
to me
Hello Casey, 

I am so sorry, the other Casey had given me the wrong email. You are welcome to help carrying stones if you feel like you need some workout... It would be in London though with very nice people... but otherwise, I am sorry for confusing you. 

All the best, 

Ulrike Pflanz
Jnr Production Manager

M. GB (+44) #######

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