Nov 18, 2014

Alondra Banos - Good luck quitting smoking

Dear Alondra,

Did you order a Vaporizer Pen thingy and pay for it using PayPal? If so, you created your PayPal account under the email, which is silly because that is not your email. Please update your account.

I now have your home address - 14291 Newt Hamner Rd, northport, AL 35475-3421. And I get all of your PayPal alerts. You haven't had correct payment information for a few weeks - which you would have known sooner had you actually put in YOUR email address instead of mine.

Anyway - please update it. I don't know how you got confused. Maybe it's because your brain is clouded with cigarettes. Your perfect complexion will quickly be ruined if you keep up with the smoking.


The Real Casey Williams Who Keeps Saying She Will Switch Emails But Hasn't.

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