Sep 24, 2009

Before & After: My Finger

The plan today was to post photos of my chair... but I didn't take them last night as I was too busy ferociously eating Ethiopian food with Ian, making a sock monkey, talking to T (who is in Bentonville), and watching trashy new TV shows.

Instead, I bring you my finger. Before, and then after, covering said chair. This is to prepare you to appreciate the chair's new look at an even higher level, since you will know what I sacrificed.

I have soft lady hands not used to doing hard work like using industrial staples to recover chairs. I waited a few days to take a shot of this blister, but it was UGLY before.

Yes, I sacrificed some skin in the re-making of my chair.

Ok, ok, fine, I didn't actually take a "before" photo of my finger. If I were smart enough to know that I was going to be tearing the skin off my fingers, I would have put some protection in place beforehand. Instead what you're looking at in the before photo is what I affectionately call "lefty middle fingery."

You get the idea.

Stay tuned for the fruits of my labor.


  1. Berkley11:13 AM

    frankly I was expecting to see your finger a knuckle shorter, so the after image was a relief, but I feel your pain and am sorry you have a booboo.

    I sculpted a bowl stand out of pretty heavy wire last week and my fingers were so cut up and sore for days after.

    I want to see the chair!!

  2. Sooo, how does this compare to say, getting pooped on?

  3. Oh, and the previous comment is Dan, I have no clue why google calls me KJ

  4. hahahhah I was wondering who the heck KJ was. :-)

    I would love to keep my nails painted.. but my hands are always getting screwed up - blisters, broken nails, etc. Such is the fate of a "do-er".

  5. I'm sure it's going to be all worth it in the end!


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