Sep 18, 2009

Welcome, Apartment Therapy Boston!

Thank you, Apartment Therapy Boston for posting my hoosier re-finishing project! The project itself was a lot of fun.... but a lot of work. I can see why my mother (the previous owner) only refinished it once - when she first got it!

For more photos, check out the Before: The Hoosier; During the Hoosier project; and Inside the Hoosier.

If you have an appetite for Before and Afters, peruse the Before-After section of the site.
I. Love. Before. &. Afters. Of all types.

Me, before AT-Boston posted about the hoosier:

Oh so sad. Despondent, even.

Me, After!!
So Happy I'm Grinning Like A Mad Woman!

Thanks again for visiting!

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