Oct 29, 2009

Alter Ego: 3 Updates

1. She is a Republican (no surprise there). I received an email this morning directly from Michael Steele, RNC Chairman:

2. Her nickname is Buster. If you take a closer look at the email (below), you'll note that it is addressed to "Buster," so either: A. Her nickname is Buster, B. The GOP addresses all of its faithful followers as "Buster," or C. This email was intended for neither my doppelganger or myself, and in fact was intended for a different Casey Williams who goes by Buster.

3. I have decided to go into hiding because I cannot stand the thought of Fake Casey smearing my reputation by signing up for the Republican email list, and as thus, have been trying out alternative looks.

Here I am as a happy dark brunette:
I could be happy every day as a brunette with luscious locks of long brown hair.

Practicing my coy look in case anyone accuses me of being Casey Williams:
Who, me? I'm not Casey Williams, I'm, um, Dixie Jones.

I wasn't sure if brunette was really "me", so today I'm at work in this:

I call it "Jem goes to the office and is shocked when someone actually asks her to do work, and not rock out with the Holograms."

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go rock out with the piano player in the John Hancock Tower lobby. He's not as "pop-rock" as I would like, but hopefully I can convince him to jam out with me. After all, I am Jem.

PS. Thank you Kate S, for your wigs and photography skillz.


  1. I say you really dye your hair brown. It looks good on you. Or pink. ;o)

  2. Ooh, can I be Aja?


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