Oct 30, 2009

Williams is the New Jones

I think there's a conspiracy out there against Casey Williamses.
Well, against their proper identification, anyway.

This morning one of my long lost relatives (potentially, anyway), a Gregory Williams, kindly shared with me a link to information about how to prevent shin splints. I wrote back to let him know my appreciation:

I've tried to let him know that I'm not the Casey Williams he wants to talk to, but he keeps forgetting. And I don't think he's trying to reach my true alter ego.

I leave you with a photo of my view this morning:

My freshly misted plants, and a fine fall day in Boston.



  1. I only want less pictures of the view because it reminds me I'm not with you. I want more about "Casey Williams" (quotes on purpose) encounters.

  2. Yes I will be composing an email this weekend.

    What, Gregory's Casey Williams wasn't good enough for you?


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