Oct 30, 2009

Gregorio - My New Bud

Gregory Williams  to me

 9:50 AM (2 hours ago)

Hi Casey,

I'm glad you're wicked excited to receive these rather mundane emails from me.  By the way, I go by Greg if it is an informal friend, Gregory if it is my name on a professional product or some such thing, and Gregorio if I'm in Mexico (which is where I am now).

I don't get shin splints (that is the other Casey).  We're currently training for a 1/2 marathon, and of course there are always body breakdown issues.

Gracias for your patience with these incorrect emails!  It was nice to hear from you, tho.


caseywilliams@gmail.com to Gregory Williams      11:55 pm

Hi Gregorio,

Wow, I wish my name were on a professional product or some such thing.. like maybe the side of a building. But I guess I'm famous in my own way, because I get emails intended for other Casey Williamses all over the world. Well just the USA really, but hey, that's essentially the whole world, right? :-P

Disfrute Mexico - es un lugar muy bonito y divertido. Tambien, lo es mejor que Boston hoy con los niebles, y donde el sol es perdido.

hasta luego,

Cecilia (my name in spanish, at least in spanish class in high school. in spain and central america, i went by "Kaaaaaaaaay-ci.")
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