Oct 20, 2009

Doppelganger ---BREAKING NEWS---

Thanks to a fellow dog lover, I believe the true identity of my alter ego has been identified!

First off, her name is Casey Williams. Good thing we cleared that up.

Second off, her second most recent entry covers "The Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Catholic".

Thirdly, her email address is caseyEwilliams at gmail. Hence the confusion. She probably is writing it correctly, but everyone else is mis-reading it.

I think I will contact her and suggest she take a penmanship class. And capitalize her all important middle initial when writing her email address.


Do you see the similarity between the two Caseys? WE BOTH LOVE BABY ANIMALS!

What do you think I should say?

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  1. I don't know, but I love that cat! And the puppy. :)

  2. I have many thoughts on this. First and foremost, do not rush to respond. This is the penultimate moment and you only get one chance to clue her in (unless, of course, you end up becoming friends, which would make this first encounter even richer).

    Secondly, I'm confused by her blog posts. Do we take them at face value? Or do we read them with sarcasm? Is she, perhaps, mocking Catholocism? Did she just convert? Reading old blog posts it seems she actually likes respectable music and, while her paintings have religious overtones, perhaps she's using art as a statement?

    What if it turns out she's totally liberal and joined those uber religious sites to get fodder for her artistic ventures?

    Finally, I think you should consider accepting donations to commission her to do some art. I would chip in 5 bucks.

  3. Berkley11:05 AM

    holy shit. This is possibly the most interesting thing I've heard all week. My heart is racing with anticipation to see what becomes of this.

  4. hahahah you guys make me laugh.

    Melanie brings up some good points. First off, I truly believe she is religious because she is on the email list for some real zealots. I don't see how any non-believer could successfully get through a meeting with people like that.

    Perhaps I should commission a work that I would like to call "An Ode To Casey Williams".

    HOwever --- I am wondering if she is in fact the woman in question only because she did join a "mom's bible club" of some sort, and she looks really young to be a mom. Maybe she's a mom-in-desire --- wants to have kids but doesn't..?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions! Makes this much more interesting.