Oct 13, 2009

My Alter Ego Really Likes Art

To: CaseyWilliams at gmail dot com
From: Oxide Gallery, Denton, TX

Artwork Open Call
November Theme Show: Miniatures - Any subject matter/theme  

This is a multi-artist juried theme show open to all artists    
All artwork submissions must be done by and contracts signed in person by the artist who created the artwork - No Exceptions.

Theme:  Miniatures
Parameters: Artwork can depict any subject matter
Restrictions:  Artwork's outside finished dimensions can not exceed 12" X 12" No restrictions on medium.  All
artwork must be submitted ready for installation per gallery rules.
Number of Entries allowed:  4 pieces artwork per artist.
Submission Dates:  Thursday, October 15th, Friday October 16th, and Saturday October 17th
Submissions can be delivered to OXIDE Gallery any day during normal gallery hours.
Th-F 9a - 5p and Sat 9a - 1p.

Each artist will need to fill out a Schedule A form and Artist's Contact form and drop off their submissions.  The jury will review all entries and make their selections.  Artists will be contacted Monday with the juries decisions and required to come back in no later than October 24th and fill out paperwork and/or pick up unselected artwork.

If you have any questions about this process please don't hesitate to contact us!

OXIDE Gallery
501 W Hickory St.
Denton, TX 76201

My reply:

Hi Oxide Gallery,

Sounds cool --- an art exhibition based on miniatures! Dollhouses have always fascinated me, as well as making teeny tiny paper cranes out of scraps of paper. I would totally submit something to your exhibition, except I live in Boston, and I won't be able to present my artwork in person per your guidelines.

It was in fact my alter ego (also named Casey Williams, only she lives in TX) who signed up for this email list, not me. I think she's just mad that I signed up for Gmail way back in the day and got to use our shared name.

It would be helpful if you could let my alter ego know that she has been signing up her email address incorrectly.  I would, except the only contact info I have for her is my own. I tried messaging a Casey Williams in TX on Facebook, but she claims not to be the one.

Here are the things I know about her that may help you identify her:

  • Her name is the same as mine (Casey Williams)
  • She attends multiple Christian Churches (I think she's trying a few out)
  • She is very much against gay marriage
  • She has offered to host a bible study group for Moms, so I think she has kids
  • She attends the dentist regularly
  • She may be a teacher, as she attended the Educators' Cultural Event a few weeks ago
  • She won a free membership to the Galveston Modern Art Museum
Let me know your thoughts!


PS. Check out these miniature people on food artistic photos! Maybe they live near TX.
PPS. I think it's ironic you used a HUGE font to announce the miniature art theme. :-)

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  1. ha ha you have me dying over this!!! Too funny. I love what you wrote back!

  2. Believe it or not, I got ANOTHER email today...! But from the same Oxide Gallery peoples.

    Glad you see the humor in it too.. :-)

  3. Berkley9:58 AM

    hmmm....I commented on this post yesterday, but it didn't seem to 'stick'.

    My comment was



  4. Do you know what the other Casey's email is? Have you tried emailing casey.williams@gmail.com? I bet she's the alter ego. You should fwd all emails to her.

  5. Casey dot Williams is also me --- I get both. Someone suggested she might be Williams.Casey at gmail, so I tried emailing her... but s/he didn't respond. Boo.

  6. I want to enter this contest with my big/little photos!


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