Oct 15, 2009

Surprise in Brighton

A few weekends ago, there was horrendous traffic in Brighton Center. I mean horrendous. And it was a Sunday. I didn't understand. After dropping T off at the airport, I parked a mile from home to avoid the awful traffic.

Walking back, I saw this:

The street, Before.
No traffic.
No cars.
They were gone. Well, diverted anyway.
What was Brighton up to?

OBVIOUSLY - It was Sunday, what else could that mean but a parade?

The street, After.

First came the cops (upper left), then Mayor Menino and the BC marching band, then the other candidates and my favorite, the balloon cart people.

The entire point of spending money to shut down the streets and post cops everywhere and to wreak havoc on what is normally a very pleasant Sunday seems to be the parade. Why a parade? I'm not exactly sure... it was "for the people" but really I think it was "for the candidates", who marched down Cambridge/Washington street.

I don't know about you, but the way I decide who to vote for is by how they perform in a parade. Is their posture good? Are they handing out pens (Rep. Honan) or mints (Prime Realty Group)? Or shaking hands?

Ayanna Presley, running for Boston City Councilor, hands down had the best performance, shaking hands and warmly greeting everyone.

Based on that alone I should vote for her... right? After all, wasn't that the point of the parade - to help me decide how to vote?
ps. Watch out for a sneaky "before/after" post tomorrow!

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  1. Ha...try living in the North End, there are parades every five minutes.


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