Oct 17, 2009

Subtle But Important Change in the Bedroom

This is serious stuff. Life-altering changes going on in our bedroom, specifically on my side of the bed. Keep your minds out of the gutter, people.

The bedroom, before:

Ignore the woman behind the curtain. In fact, look at the photo below instead:

These are the before photos. Yes, they were also the "after" photos of the closet makeover, but we didn't stop there.

Here is the after photo for this post:

Other than there being fewer pillows on the bed, a blue blanket on the end of the bed, and no girl behind the curtain, can you spot the life-altering change?


What about this close-up?

Focus in on the bed frame. The $10 bed frame I got off of Craig's List a year ago, behind which is my bedside table, lamp, alarm clock, and books. Oh and the closet.

The view, pre-change:

My books were in jail, and my arm could only fit through in a sideways fashion. It sucked.

T spent a manly Saturday afternoon with his dremel tool, cutting out two pieces of the bedframe. Now I can reach my books, the lamp, my glasses, my chapstick, whatever-the-hell-I-want that is on my mini-bedside table without bruising my arm, sticking it through the slats.  The quality of my life right before I fall asleep, and right when I wake up, has improved immensely.

Who says small changes can't make a huge difference? Not this behind-the-curtain girl.

Thanks, honey!


  1. I have that same Vick's vaporizer!

  2. haha this was very cute! Good job!

  3. Hahaha...I love those Spot the Difference games, that was fun :)


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