Oct 20, 2009

My Alter Ego has a Table for Sale!

Nope, I don't have a table for sale. (I do have one that I'll be refinishing once I have a free weekend, stay tuned!)
Nor have I ever met anyone who uses a 'shroom stationary in their emails. You are quite creative.

My response:

Hi Delia,

Do you by chance live in Texas, in the Fort Worth area? There is a Casey Williams there who keeps posting my email address, and I'd like her to stop doing so. 

Was a telephone number included in the ad? If so, could you share it with me? I have a lot to tell my name-sharing friend. For example, she has an upcoming dentist appointment that she doesn't know about.. And she won a free membership to the modern art museum! Not to mention you are interested in purchasing her table.

let me know!

Casey Williams

Boston, MA 

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  1. Has anyone replied to you about your alter ego?
    I love your blog.

  2. Aw, thanks Erin. :-)
    The mystery may have been solved.. check the most recent entry!


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