Oct 21, 2009

Table Not From my Dear Alter Ego

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Table Sale email I received turned out to be a false alarm. Well, a false alarm in that it is a Casey Williams in Sacramento, not "my" kitten-loving Casey Williams Alter Ego in Denton. I'll keep you posted.

Who knew "Casey Williams" was such a popular name for non-correctly-writing-email people out there?

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  1. I didn't realize CW is so popular. Vivian Chen is pretty damn popular among Asians. There's a Hong Kong movie star with my name. And once some UCLA student emailed me saying her name was Vivian Chen and she was also studying photography. That's when I immediately registered vivianchenphotography.com! However, vivianchen.com will probably never be mine. CURSES!

  2. "Chen" is quite a popular surname, I would guess. :-P As is "Williams."

    Maybe because Vivian and Casey aren't quite as common as names like "Jen" or "Allison," we're just not used to having alter egos out there and aren't careful enough..?

  3. We definitely got the alternative "Smith" in last names.


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