Oct 22, 2009

The Man Who Solved My Life's Mystery

As I explained it to my boyfriend, "This guy has blog where he posts photos of himself with dogs. And I think it's hilarious. And awesome." What I didn't know was that he is also a really great sleuth - at least I didn't know it until he emailed me about the identity of my Alter Ego.

I immediately had to know more about this brilliant person who also loves dog. So I interviewed him (over gmail).
  1. Why did you decide to search for the Texan Casey Williams?
As a man of style and class, I'm unable to avoid the chance to solve a mystery. I also painted a mental picture of how you must be feeling. It was similar to having ice cream stickiness on your hands, when you're trying to handle electronics, and we all know that's not a good idea.
  1. Just how did you find her when this Casey, who works in Search Engine Marketing, was unable to?
I really like that there are two number one questions. It speaks to the duality of your existence, and the identity crisis you must be feeling.  It was actually really easy to find her. Not that I'm trying to get a job at your company or anything. I think I did a google blog search for ("casey williams" texas), that's all.  I just realized that gmail automatically changed the number of the question.
  1. What do you think I should write to her about the whole situ?
I would not dare to tell you how you should go about this delicate situation. It's tricky, on one hand, you were here first, but on the other hand... I'm sorry, I completely forget what I was going to say. I would definately buy up the domains caseywilliams.com, org, edu, tv, net, ru, co.uk etc. I don't think fake casey can be trusted.

Editor's Note: I completely agree. Fake Casey cannot be trusted. After all, she's practically a nun. Sadly, however, a politician already owns and uses CaseyWilliams.com. And yes, his name is also Casey Williams.Oh SHIT!!! The domain has changed hands!! It's now owned by some other Casey Williams with horrible design sense, which is funny because that's his 'real' job. Yes this is me typing real time as I make these incredible discoveries.
  1. How do you feel about her blog? Are you offended by her photo with a cat, since you love dogs so much?
I think it's fair to say I don't like fake casey. Seeing as how religion is responsible for more deaths, oppression, destruction, and hate than any other force on the planet, excluding natural causes,  I feel a strong sense of disappointment and anger whenever anyone finds an identity through an organized religion.  These feelings are compounded by the fact that shes: A. from texas and B. a catholic. Seriously, who paints the pope? WTF. I couldn't even read her blog after that.

That being said, I have cats, whom I love very much. That's about as much as I have in common with fake casey. Cats are so much different than dogs, but they are still cool and have a low level of maintainablity. They are a little more telepathic, and can probably tell what I'm thinking right now.
  1. Do you love dogs as much as the Bostonian Casey Williams (ie me) does?
Possibly. I grew up on a working farm with many animals, including border collies (who are awesome, but not in a city), so it afforded me the opportunity to be exposed to puppies all the time, and that was fantastic. Like most things, some suck. This is the same for dogs. I don't like ratdogs- kind of hard to explain what these look like. I hate designer dogs that are tiny. Some dogs have a bad personality, but that's usually circumstantial. It's not always the case, but most owners are responsible for how awesome, or not awesome their dog is.
  1. Why did you start PogAndDog.org?
Poganddog.org was the brain child of several of my close friends. We were just talking one morning about things. I'm not sure what. The idea came up that I should get photographed with random dogs and have a website dedicated to it. After a little trial and error, I managed to build a site that worked exactly how I wanted it to. Soon I was out and about, trying to

Editor's note: Apparently when writing this email, Erich forgot what the hell he was out and about, trying to do, because he didn't finish this sentence.. Or not do. But I suspect it has to do with taking photos of dogs.
  1. Lastly, what is your favorite color?
Green, always green. Yellow? no, never, never.

Editor's note: Erich did not submit a photo of himself for this interview, mainly because I did not ask him. However, I have chosen my favorite PogandDog photo to share with you all:
HA!!!! Doesn't that make you crack up?

Lastly, if you have any input you would like to give me about what I should say to my Alter Ego, please send it my way. I plan on contacting her next week, after I have had sufficient time to meditate, pray, ponder, list out the + and -, etc.

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  1. You're my favorite and one and only Casey Williams in my eyes. All others are no-name generic brands.

    As for what to say to her...I'm not sure. Definitely tell her that she's missing a LOT of emails.

    It kind of reminds of the twin story they ran on NPR yesterday:

  2. Berkley3:11 PM

    I am a bit concerned that she can now find your blog (especially once alerted to the email issue)and can read that people who don't know her are passing judgment on her (or whatever the appropriate preposition is...). Because while most of it it has been made in jest, it's hard to interpret it that way when it's about you.
    I would hate to see an internet based battle of the Casey's.

    Just food for thought.

    also you Casey Williams are good at your job because however you tagged your post, it is now the top result for 'Casey Williams" Texas!

  3. Of course it was in jest! Judge not, less ye be judged, or something of that science.


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