Oct 28, 2009

Space Filler: Best Moments of Today

I am still sitting on the Alter Ego thing. I just don't want to mess up the golden opportunity that Pog has given me and am now frozen in indecision. I can't believe it either, trust me.

However, in the meantime I would like to share with you my favorite moments of today thus far:

1. Perfectly normal guy on the T, sitting across from me, no headphones, no reading material, suddenly bursts out with hysterical laughter. Restrains himself. Hysterically laughs again, and tries to face to the left so he can't see me and Purple Boots (the girl next to me). I check my face for snot and my hair for bird poop, which I seem to attract. The laughing spurts never stop until he can't see us anymore.

2. The client telling us that he can't accept the ad text that we have written for him because it didn't have the word "butt" in it. Yes, I'm serious. No, this isn't porn.

3. Free cookie day in the basement of the Hancock! And free gelatto! And cheese!

4. Harassing the Egg Guy in the basement of the Hancock. Free Cookie Day is actually Food Vendor Day and we get to sample and/or talk to the vendors who supply the cafeteria, which has a local/organic focus (!!!yay!!). I learned that chickens only lay eggs for 54 weeks, and after that they are shipped off to the soup factory.

5. Sara asking the bacon guy if he "had any bacon literature." She was serious. Then she asked the egg guy what the human equivalent of laying an egg was. I answered her to save the poor guy from having to explain where babies come from.

Anyone else have some gems to share?

The iPhone-colored view from my desk. It's dark and foggy and gloomy. But lovely.



  1. I am terribly jealous of this free food day. I love free food. Sigh.

  2. 1. I wore my converse one stars today, only to find out that the right one has a hole in the bottom. Soaked shoe, sock and foot by the time I got to the office. I miss summer!

  3. this post makes me sound crazy, when really i wanted to be better informed about eggs and bacon.

  4. My client just told me today that we should use more "butt" in ad copy as well!

  5. Shan could that be because we're talking about the same client...? :P Different deliverables, though.

    Sara - you are crazy.

    Jill - that stinks!!! Canvas converses aren't a great choice for a rainy day, holes or no holes. :P


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