Nov 1, 2009

Letter to my Alter Ego

Hi Casey,

You don't know me, but we share the same name - Casey Williams. I personally like the name a lot, though as a child people often thought I was a boy (before meeting me) since our name is shared by males and females, and that was slightly annoying as I was the girliest girl in the history of girls. I'm now 28 years old,  living in Boston, and still pretty girly (though I play floor hockey, which isn't that girly).

Anyway. You might be asking, why is this other Casey Williams emailing me? Well the answer is really quite simple: My email address is Caseywilliams at gmail dot com. Your email address is CaseyEwilliams at gmail dot com. Sometimes (actually quite frequently), people don't read your written email address correctly and instead input mine.

Here are some of the emails I have received that were intended for you:

- One from a Pastor Tim, talking about a prayer group. He tried to get me to join.
- Two from a female prayer group that you joined. They were very passionate.
- Two from your dentist, who encourages flossing.
- One from someone interested in a table you were selling on Craig's List, except that after asking the woman it turns out she was looking from someone in Sacramento, CA, so this wasn't you or me

- One potentially intended for you from the Republican Party, but the email said "Dear Buster"
- Three from the Oxide Gallery - they have an upcoming "miniatures" exhibition.
- One from a modern art museum in Galveston notifying you that you won a FREE MEMBERSHIP for the year!!! Congrats on that one!

Obviously I didn't know how to contact you, since all I knew was my own email address. However, a friend used Google to track down your brief blog, which had your email address on it, so here I am! I get a lot of mistaken Casey Williams emails, but previously not so many from the same "other" Casey Williams.

I can certainly forward you the missed emails if you would like (especially the museum one!).

In the future, I would suggest writing your email address more clearly, like "" to ensure you receive all the emails you should be getting.

Let me know what you think! And happy Sunday.


Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA
caseywilliams at gmail dot com

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  1. there are girlier girls out there than you. I'd rank you a 7 of 10 on the girlie-girl scale. you were athletic. you weren't a cheerleader. you dind't use makeup until high school.

    why don't you change your email address??? or your name :-) I like your name, however.

    and why didn't you post your cute unicorn costume??? before & after & all that.

    the one you gave you a FABULOUS name!

  2. Aw thanks mom.

    I have a post started on the Unicorn situ, but it's not finished yet. Too busy!!


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