Oct 2, 2009

Reasons to go to Galveston

There are very nice assistant museum curators there:

Her response to my email:
Erin S W to me
show details 11:53 AM (5 hours ago)

Thanks so much…apologies for the intrusion -- this woman sounds interesting :-)
caseywilliams at gmail dot com to Erin
12:15 PM (4 hours ago)

No worries ---- your email is by far the best one I have received on her behalf!!! It makes me want to visit TX and see your museum. :-)

Casey Williams (the real one in Boston)

Oh Erin, you have no idea just how interesting my alter Christian ego is...

For past installments: The Christians in TX Love Me; Many Faith Groups Hate Love; My Alter Ego Wins a Prize!

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