Jan 30, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Cougar Alert!

I guess I would be a cougar if I weren't married. But actually, this is more of a Leopard Alert, since I think that's what the kids call single women in their 30's. Cougars are single women in their 40's. But now the feminist side of me thinks that perhaps I shouldn't be using those labels because women (and men) can be single at any age and be awesome.

ANYWAY. For those of you who see me in 'real life', you will perhaps know that I wore this outfit on Tuesday. But here in blogland, we don't put too much emphasis on the reality of the days on which the outfits were actually worn. I know this because on the fashion blogs that I follow, they sprinkle in outfits where they have open toed shoes on, and the commenters are all "Isn't it chilly for open toed sandals?" And the blogger says, "Ya, like I said in the text of the blog post, these photos are from XYZ event earlier in the season."

This is even more proof of how important photos are --- readers look only at the them, and don't read so much. Good thing we have such awesome photos on THIS blog. And so many witty comments that probably go unread.

Which brings me [finally] to the outfit: LEOPARD!!

This photo makes me realize that perhaps cropping might be in order. However, since I specialize in shitty photos, shouldn't that mean Shitty Non-Edited photos? Because that's what these are. I also am confused about where to look. At myself in the mirror? At the camera lens?

 Please note the "high-low" nature of this blouse, as well as the suggestion of the peplum theme without the lung-constricting tailoring. I also now know the following things about this outfit: It does my figure no favors, and I should probably wear black heels with it. Allie suggested a camel cardigan over, with a belt. That may be too trendy for this gal.

Oh Hayyyyy! This photo features the one part of the outfit I was happy with - the jewels! And my eyebrows. I think real fashion bloggers wear lipstick. Perhaps I shall explore that trend in the future.

Channeling: A leopard or cougar, duh.
Wearing: $6 leopard shirt from Target, my aforementioned black jeggins with inappropriate holes (OMG I just wrote jeggins, how appropriate); my delightful Kork-Ease Maxine boots that just don't match; gold chain necklace from a church yard sale and definitely hardcore from the 90's; earrings from Kenya because I'm all global n' shit
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): The same black tank top from Old Navy that I wore a few outfits ago... but clean!! Thanks, laundry fairy. I.e. myself. 


  1. It's actually a "Puma". we would be pumas if we were single :)

    1. HA!!!! I get my Big Cats all mixed up. Thanks, friend.


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