Feb 23, 2013

Bathroom Style File: Fashion vs. Style

Something I've been thinking about lately is fashion vs. style. I read a great blog post about it somewhere recently.. which I can't find, but basically anyone can be fashionable but not everyone has style. Fashion is the more shallow step-sister of style. Style is having a vision and a commitment to your own look and feel. Style is wearing something that's true to your self, and ignoring the funny looks or comments.

That, my friends, is what I aspire to... but my doubt led me to change on my way out the door on Friday from a pink, white, and blue Wrangler plaid shirt purchased from the men's section of the Framingham Salvation Army to a raspberry striped pink Banana Republic sweater, a much safer choice. 

Reason one was that the sweater was more cuddley and less polyster-y, but reason two raring its ugly head was doubt. Last time I wore the plaid shirt to a friend's birthday, it inspired several comments on its outlandishness. While I'm sure my friends meant well, having my own style means having the strength of self to hear those kinds of comments... and continue on being myself.

Last week had few style moments. Blame it on the long work days since two key members of my team were out of the office on exotic vacations. Or just doubt.

With that deep and meaningful commentary, I bring you the sole outfit from last week: a GAP striped sweater, and a question: Which shoes looked better?

Left photos feature the heeled suede booties, Right hand photos feature my very beat-up Ugg-like Fryes that I wear when commuting. I think they balance out the outfit a little better despite their Ugg-liness.

Channeling: Striped Circus Tent
Wearing: GAP striped sweater from a few years ago; Old Navy skinny jeans; LL Bean suede booties; Frye shearling-lined boots with very cracked soles.
Not Seen (since this fashion style blog features shitty photographs): My necklace is rolled magazine paper beads purchased to help women in Uganda!

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