Feb 20, 2013

What those machines in the bathroom are REALLY for

Today, I bring you a story. Later, fashion.

Overheard in the bathroom at Sunday River on Saturday:

[Group of five 7 year old girls, giggling madly]

Girl 1: HAHAHHAHAHA Diapers!!!!

Rest of Girls: HAHAHAHAHhhahahHAHAHHAhahHAHAAH Diapers!

Girl 1: DIAPERS!!! This one is diapers.


I come out of the stall and start washing my hands. I see what they're gathered around - a feminine products dispenser.

Girl 1: This other one - guess what - you put it in your BUTTHOLE!

Rest of Girls: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA butthole!!!!

Girl 2: My mom buys those all the time!!!

Rest of Girls: HAHAHHAA You put those in your butthole!

At last, I'm enlightened. THAT'S what those things are for.

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