Feb 15, 2013

In The Wild: My Scarf Shirt!

HEY YOU GUYSSSS!!! Maybe I'm more fashionable than I give myself credit for. Look what I spotted on a walk to the BBC (the delicious burger joint, not the British Broadcasting Channel) with Mrs. Amie Crawford:

Why yes, that is the same exact scarf shirt that i have! Well, perhaps an earlier prototype. Mine has more lime green around the borders. Please ignore my slightly demented looking facial expression.

For comparison's sake:
I clearly have better shoe-sense, since I'm wearing them and the mannequin is not. However, I do like the greater presence of teal on the other version. I guess that's why Marshall's had my shirt - it was sub-par. Good enough for me, though!

Where: Lord & Taylor Window Display on Boylston St in Boston
When: Friday, February 15 @ 12:16 PM
What: Michael by Michael Kors scarf shirt
Fashion Lesson: When wearing bright patterns on top, don't let your legs get jealous. Wrap them in some bright colors too!

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