Feb 13, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Scarf Shirt!

I have coveted scarf shirts for awhile. I love the concept, though in reality none of my scarves would be large enough to cover me. Nor do I have two matching scarves to make a front and a back.

So you can imagine my delight when I spotted this outrageous scarf shirt at Marshall's last week! Now the rationale side of my brain says "Ew, lime green? And a 'chain' pattern? What is this, 1992?" My husband also may have said something along those lines. But the 'fashion' side of me screams "YES! ALL THE FUNKY BLOGGERS ARE WEARING CHAIN PATTERNS IN AN IRONIC 90'S MANNER!" I'm not quite at funky yet, but I have my aspirations.

Heyyyy me. Nice short pants!

Oh phone, I long for thee (apparently). Note my non-ironic wearing of a multiple-chain necklace. I'm anything but subtle, folks.

Look how long my lovely lady locks are! I would apologize for the out of focus photos, but these photos are taken in the bathroom in a hurried fashion before anyone else comes in. Because it would be embarrassing to be seen capturing 'selfies' even though it's in the name of 'fashion.'

Channeling: 90's Patterns combined with Ironic Hipster
Wearing: Lime green 'scarf' shirt - Michael by Michael Kors (because the real MK brand is mucho dinero); Old Navy jeans; LL Bean booties; my not-so-ironic chain necklace from a church yardsale (likely worn by a working woman in the 90's for reals); earrings from Kenya
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): I actually did pretty well here --- the only things not seen are my my unmentionables, which shall remain so.

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  1. nice outfit. I especially like the photo was taken in an office restroom.


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