Mar 5, 2013

Bathroom Style File: Striped Out Hipster

Or at least as close as I get to hipster, which I'm constantly reminded on my daily Green line rides through Allston, is not anything close to who/what I am. I am Yuppie, not Hipster. I Preppy more than Hipster. I am "square" (in the words of my mother).

And below, you'll find "Slightly Itchy Account Director."

Don't worry, I don't have a disease (that I know of). My skin is just very prone to itches from any fabric that is not 100% smooth. Even Cashmere. Or in the case of this cardigan, 60% cotton, 35% rayon, 5% spandex. I had to put on a long sleeved under layer so my arms wouldn't feel prickly.

Modeling my side bun. Yes I'm so daring with hairstyles these days.

HERE'S THE HIPSTER! In the form of a hat. A hat that I love SO MUCH because of its beauty and slightly tall goofiness, just like me. I may install an anti-itch ear band to quiet my inner itch monster, but I can't stop wearing it. Even in bathrooms.

Channeling: Yuppie Hipster Preppy
Wearing: No name brand sweater/pullover from Marshall's, lace cami from Banana Republic, Lucky jeans, 9 West flats from a bazillion years ago, hoop earrings from Filene's, shell necklace/dog tags from my loving husband, hat knit by my future Sister-in-law, Dr. Jackie Vitaz!
Not Seen (since this fashion style blog features shitty photographs): Long sleeved paper thin white v-neck tshirt from Banana.

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