Mar 6, 2013

Bathroom Style File: The Return of the Pink Pantster

The Great Returns!

It's Pink Pants again on this oh so gray day. This time boldly paired where few [wo]men go (aside from 5 year olds) - pink and purple and green, all together on one body! Oh, and don't forget the importance of the sock bling. Yes, you heard it hear first, SOCK BLING. Though not in the form of rhinestones, more in the form of stripes (which you know I'm fond of).

Real bloggers stand in creative ways when posing. Here I am channeling a stork. A stork with a cell phone. And pants. 

Why is that a 66 floor building I hear creaking as the wind blows it about? Yes, yes it is. And I swear I can feel it. Or at least my inner ear can feel it. And my eyebrow does NOT like it. My neck wishes it had some decoration. My brain is silent.

 I don't care if rolling my pant legs up makes my legs look short, I'm going to call this a STYLE choice to highlight my favorite socks of all time! I seriously 'save' these socks for special days when I know they'll be visible. Yes I'm definitely 5 years old. Or maybe 3, which, as my mother reminds me, I liked to wear my "pretty ones" (ruffled underwear) backwards so I could see the ruffles.

Which Pink Pantser do you prefer? I'm inordinately proud of myself for wearing these bold pants in a few different ways, though not as proud as I was to be leading the winning pitch team at work yesterday! 

Channeling: A color-lovin' 5 year old
WearingPink jeans/pants from Rue La La/Buffalo, Sweater from Banana Republic Outlet, purple tank from the GAP, boots from Kork-Ease, and socks from Filene's Basement (RIP!).
Not Seen (since this blog features shitty photographs): Dangle earrings with faux rhinestones from some kind of store. Old Navy perhaps? Also, a wonderful Fluorite ring from FAB/Urban Aviary

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