May 31, 2013

Herb Chambers Honda of Boston - Review

Herb Chambers Honda fooled us, and knew they were doing so.... and we're not dumb people.

Prime excerpt: "Fast forward 5 months - Glenville tells us that our 'new brakes' already need replacing. We went back to good ole Herb Chambers Honda and talked with Keith Banks-Obanor about why the heck 5 month old brakes would need replacing. Keith denied everything, then checked the service records, and said that he told us not that the brakes were replaced, but that "we took care of the brakes.

Turns out Herb Chambers just re-ground the rotors. Hello $1,000 to buy new brakes!Shame on us for not being more explicit, shame on Keith Banks-Obanor  and Herb Chambers for being shysters using tricky wording to get out of doing work they KNEW we thought they were doing."
Full review on Yelp: Herb Chambers Honda of Boston.

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