Jun 11, 2013

Bank of America Loans - Can't Get Emails Right

Emerson, Brenda <brenda.emerson@bankofamerica.com>
11:07 AM (19 minutes ago)
to meJo

Hello Mr. Williams,

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Per our conversation, the following documents are missing to complete your file. Please provide the following within 72 hours to avoid delay in closing.

1.       Hazard insurance policy including acceptable Individual Contents and Liability Policy with “Walls In” coverage (commonly referred as HO-6)
2.      Please confirm the correct unit number… is it unit B or unit 2?

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Bank of America for your home loan needs.

Brenda Emerson
Bank of America Home Loans Fulfillment
Home Service Specialist
Home Loans Fulfillment-Atlanta
NMLS:   1017249
Office:   ###########

Please note I respond to all email within one business day.
At Bank of America, our goal is to ensure you are extremely satisfied with the service you receive. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact my manager, Thomasina Dyett at ###### or by e-mail at Thomasina.Dyett@Bankofamerica.com>.

Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams at gmail>
11:27 AM (0 minutes ago)
to BrendaJo
Hello Ms Emerson and Ms Terrell,

FOR THE 50TH TIME I AM NOT MR WILLIAMS!!! And Mr Williams clearly does not know his own email address. 

I'm no longer going to notify you when I receive these important but misdirected emails; they are going straight to my SPAM box. I'm sure you'll have unhappy customers... but honestly, I think I've dedicated enough time trying to help you address your emails to the correct person.


Casey "Not Mr Williams buying a house" Williams-Fitzsimmons

Terrell, Jo A
to meEmerson,
2 days ago
I took you out of my address book.  I will have Brenda do the same. Sorry for confusion
Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams@gmail.com>
9:46 AM (0 minutes ago)
to JoBrenda

That's what you said last time... but clearly it didn't work. Outlook is tricky. I suggest googling "removing email from outlook autocomplete."

If you're on Lotus Notes, there's no hope for you.

For reference, here's the last time I talked with Joann and recorded it here.

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