Jun 12, 2013

Sure, I'll pluck your brows!

Amy Mann travismann at bellsouth.net
10:12 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Hi Casey,

I am a friend of Lisa Griffin. She gave me your card and referred me to you. I am looking for someone to cut my hair and was hoping you could get me in.

Do you have any openings on Mon 6/24 or Wed 6/26 for a cut and brow wax? I work in Lexington MondayWednesday, and Fridays from 9-2. I was hoping to get in right after work around 2. Thanks!

Amy Mann

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Casey Fitzsimmons caseywilliams at gmail
11:14 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Amy

Dear Amy Mann,

Do you sometimes get emails intended for the singer Aimee Mann?  I freaking LOVE Aimee Mann! For reference, from our friend Google:

Actually you probably don't since your email is TravisMann@bellsouth.

I get LOADS of emails intended for other Casey Williamses. SO MANY EMAILS. 

My least favorites: The hate email about lesbians/gays; wicked Conservative political email newsletters; and the never-ending correspondence from Bank of America about "my" home loan (lots of sensitive info there!). 

My most favorites: the $100 Zappos gift certificate (which I did tell the mother-in-law that she sent to the wrong Casey); the photos of a Mexican vacation.

I think it's time for me to abandon this email address and move to Fitzsimmons.Casey at gmail (my married name). What do you think?


Casey "Not a Hairdresser though I'd be happy to pluck your brows" Williams Fitzsimmons

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