Jun 25, 2013

Why of Course I'd Like to Work at a Tequila Bar!

scott _ <scott@mexbaltimore.com>

to Gabrielme

I am pleased to let you know that Casey Williams has accepted the job at MEX Tequila Bar and will be my new active KM.  We are excited to have him on board and to help us move forward of making MEX the best it can be. 


Scott Carson 
General Manager
MEX Tequila Bar
Baltimore, MD

Gabriel Robinson <gabriel@ecioperations.com>

to scottme
congrats Casey, look forward to seeing what you can do

Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams at gmail>

to Gabrielscott
Gabe, Scott,

OMG Tequila and I do not get along at all! One time in Spain, I took a shot of tequila and then uncontrollably spat it out into my friend's face. Whoops. Another time here in Boston, I took a shot of very nice tequila and then immediately threw up. The last time I did a tequila shot, I was in Honduras, and it actually went over ok. I think because it was a small shot and because of all the peer pressure from the Navy dudes at the BBQ.

Ok lie - one other time recently I "did" a shot of tequila with my sister at Gentleman Jim's in Alfred, NY --- only it was just a shot of water because I truly hate tequila. I guess this doesn't really count.

So I don't know why I would have accepted this job. Actually I'm pretty sure I didn't since I live in Boston and work in marketing. There are a lot of Casey Williamses out there who mis-write their email addresses, and lots of other people who mis-transcribe them. I'm betting this is in the latter category. 

Hopefully the Casey Williams you hired doesn't have the same aversion to tequila that I do. Though I do love Mexican food...

I hope s/he works out!


Casey "shot shot shot... like a lemon drop" Williams Fitzsimmons

Gabriel Robinson
to mescott
2 minutes ago
May be the best email of the day, and considering what we do for a living that says a lot. 

Thank you, Casey Williams Fitzsimmons.....whoever you are

Scott....learn to type

Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams at gmail>

to Gabrielscott

Glad you see the humor in it... :-)
Next time I'm in Baltimore, I'll stop by. But not for tequila.

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