Jan 24, 2011

Water in Valdosta, GA

Leslee Lampert

 to me
Jan 23
You have received this link of City of Valdosta, GA from:
Leslee Lampert <leslee_lampert@msn.com>


showers okay, but boil the water to cook/drink

Leslee Lampert


 to Leslee
8:14 PM

Hi Leslee,

Wow. This is really a REALLY weird coincidence, or you just didn't see my email earlier this week. I tend to think that you just didn't read my email, because really, how many leslee lamperts could there be out there?

That being said, your email last week was from a Gmail account, and this one is from an MSN email account... so could it really be true that there are two Leslee Lamperts who both know a Casey Williams, and who both type that Casey's email incorrectly when sending her useful or funny emails?

Either way, good luck with your water situation. Something similar happened up here in Boston a few months ago. Instead of our water coming from the Quabbin (a delicious reservoir in western ma), it came from the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, a mushy man-made body of water near Boston College. I'm sure there are tires and beer cans and potato chip bags and whatever else college kids toss around in that water.. and while it was filtered, we were told not to drink it. You would not believe how often you drink or cook with water until you can't use it!! Well, I'm sure you have figured that out by now. 

Doesn't it make you so grateful that we have unlimited access to clean water? I mean, we have so much clean water we flush our toilets with it!! One day when I own a house, I want to put in a gray water system. Seems much more practical.

I hope your water is safe to drink soon! And good luck emailing Casey L Williams.

Casey A Williams
Boston, MA

PS. Weird that the other Casey and I were born the same year... 
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